Building Advice and Consultancy

If you have a project you’re wishing to pursue it may be helpful to discuss your plans and how best to achieve your goals with our building advice and consultancy service. A carpenter by trade Paul Lawrence has over 20 years experience, spanning nearly every facet of residential construction industry. His expert trade and industry knowledge will provide you with advice on design, construction, building compliance and budget recommendations.

Owner Builders

If you have industry knowledge or experience and chose to complete your house construction as an owner builder you will require a licensed builder for inspections and sign-off. Our fully licensed and insured builder will ensure compliance of building standards and regulations and the required certificates are issued to council. We also offer Roof Truss Compliance Inspections.

Home Building Inspections

A residential building inspection may be required for the pre-purchase of a home or for your insurance company in the instance of a claim. Have peace of mind that your current or future property is structurally safe and not host to hidden defects, which could ultimately cost thousands in repairs. We will carry out a full housing inspection and provide a written report on the findings.